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   Handyhook Tool in Blue
This is the HandyHook device!

Handyhook Used in Drain clogged with Hair
This is how it works! Simple, fast, easy to use.

HandyHook Currently Comes in Blue, Green and Red colors
Textured handle for ease in gripping. Available in Blue, Green, and Red.

Handyhook works great in Tub drains too!!

Handyhook is awesome for cleaning Vacuum cleaner Brushroll without taking it apart!

HandyHook (tm)

Handyhook Trademark Image
Remove hair from sink and tub drains without the use of harmful chemicals.
This versatile tool has many uses:
  • Hairs in Sink Drains
  • Hairs in Tub drains
  • Hairs in Vacuum Cleaner Inlets
  • Pull O-Rings and Grease Seals
  • Hairs in Tub drains
  • Pick up similar objects from difficult to reach places
  • Stainless steel - Will Not Rust
  • Many more uses you can discover
The HandyHook is a simple yet versatile indispensable tool. Removing hair from drains, cleanser, showers and bath has never been easier.

The bend in HandyHook allows the hook to easily pass into the drain without even having to remove the stopper. Simply insert the hook into the drain past the stopper. Maneuver the handle to hook the hair in the drain. Carefully pull the hair out of the drain. No more problem!

It actually can save you money because you may remove hair without using expensive and environment 'unfriendly' chemical drain products.

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HandyHook is Proudly Made in America

Thank you for letting us try your new HandyHook. I tried it out on my Roomba Vac and it works like a charm! Gets into all the places I couldn't before and in record time! I love it! It makes a boring, but necessary task go quickly and easily. Thank you again~

Well, let me tell you that my little HandyHook is wonderful!! It worked like a charm in the tub. Wow! What a difference to have the water go down so easily, and not have to wait. I am use to using a knife or tweezers to get the hair out, but this tiny little tool, "hooked" me right

It is a time saver!
Milton Lamboy Chicago, IL.

It really works! By the way, my sink was clogged again the other day because of my hair and I used your little tool and it is cleared. It really does work well.

By the way I continue to love your invention more and more. I use it whenever my bathroom sink gets clogged from brushing my hair there. I had never used it for my bathtub. I use one of those hair catchers that sits over the drain. The other day it started draining super slow, hardly going down. At first I didn't think I could use your hook, just thinking that with the hair catcher it couldn't be that. Then I thought, I'll try it for the heck of it. OH my Gosh! You wouldn't believe the amount of hair and junk your hook pulled out. And super easy. Every time I put it in there I pulled out a major hunk of hair and gunk mixture and after about a minute, the drain just opened up. Even with a hair catcher stuff gets down there. It was so awesome.
Judy Lewandowski
Naperville, IL.

I want to take this time to thank you for your Little Drain Cleaning Tool. I have had clogged drains in my sinks and tubs as long as I can remember. And have tried drain openers (acid and such) wire, pliers, etc.

This little tool just lifts the hair and other things (whatever they may be) in just a few short seconds. I also gave the extra one I got from you to my mother. She can't stay on her knees but for a few seconds and that is all it takes with this handy little Drain cleaner. It is so tiny I just hang it in my shower, it is hardly noticeable. I will purchase more in the future for my family and friends.
Thank you again.
Lloyd Fontaine
Nuclear Physicist Cape Coral, FL.

Thank you Mr. Petit for your wonderful tool. Before your remarkable little "device" I was using coat hangars, medical forceps and even my dental plaque instrument. This tool of yours in 5 seconds pulls out all the hair in my drains. With 4 women in the house, WOW!
Terry Pearce
LaBelle, FL.
P .S. I now have a new Christmas Gift for the person with everything.

I must admit, I didn't think that when I saw the tiny little hook that you sent me it would do such a great job of getting hair, and such out of a drain. Well, boy was I wrong. I had a clog in the shower drain one night, and thought to grab the little hook. I used it, and was very surprised to see how much hair that it managed to grab from it. Now, I use it on a once a week basis, or as needed because my friend's daughter has long hair and we all know what long hair does to your shower drain right? Not to mention little bits of food that get stuck in the kitchen sink. Well, needless to say it's very true when they say, "good things come in small packages." I'm glad you let me try it out.
Thank you very much,
Gretchen Brubaker
New Jersey
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